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Dental Services In Plainview, MN


Plainview Dental

At Plainview Dental, we are committed to being your resource for modern dental care so that you can enjoy a lifetime of good oral health. Our dentist offers caring and compassionate care, education and treatments so that you can practice good oral hygiene at home as well. We employ talented staff who are non-judgmental and gentle during each of your visits to our dental practice. Our dentists practice modern dentistry that makes use of high-tech tools and techniques, and we combine this with a personalized approach to each patient's needs. Our commitment to you includes providing you with essential information about dental health.

On our website, you will find many links, articles and resources that you can peruse at any time. These informative articles can help you to learn more about specific oral health conditions, different types of dental treatments and our recommendations for your care. We are a locally owned dental practice, and most of our patients come from word of mouth referrals. This is a testament to the high quality of our care as well as our commitment to serving all of your oral health care needs. Our mission is to help each one of our patients achieve and maintain a high level of oral health. To learn more about our services or for appointment scheduling, contact our staff at 507-534-3127 today.
Plainview Dental
Plainview Dental
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Dr. Laura Kelly - Dentist in Plainview, MN
Dr. Laura Kelly
Dr. Laura Kelly grew up in Hot Springs, Arkansas. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Arkansas, and attended the University of Louisville School of Dentistry where she received her DMD in 2001.
Dr. Adam Kelly - Dentist in Plainview, MN
Dr. Adam Kelly
Dr. Adam Kelly was born and raised in Rochester, Minnesota. He completed his undergraduate and master’s degree at the University of Minnesota and Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky. After receiving his undergraduate degree, he attended the University of Louisville School of Dentistry, receiving his DMD in 2002.